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FNSO project – TopEditor

The TOPEDITOR project – Toledo project editor: the urban organisation of Toledo in the 15th century according to “los libros de medidas de casas de 1439, 1491-1492”, supported by the Casa de Velázquez, coordinated by Jean Passini and linked to the geomatics platform, has been selected in the framework of the second call for projects of the FNSO (National Fund for Open Science). It aims to materialise 480 identified and geo-located medieval houses in Toledo in an innovative publication on the relationship between medieval texts and ancient urban morphology.

TOPEDITOR proposes to create a complex interactive editorial form conceived as a large “funnel” receiving all the data – text formats, planimetric tables, images, video, 3D, GIS and targeted documentary… – combining printed documents, digitised corpora and geographical data on medieval buildings. It will offer a new way to analyse and consult historical and archaeological sources.

The project will provide both researchers and the general public with methodological elements for further research or information. This tool will make it possible to cross-reference multiple multidisciplinary research projects in the history of texts, classical and surface archaeology, building architecture and the history of material and immaterial culture.

TOPEDITOR aims to facilitate both a better understanding of space and a better management of heritage, combining a traditional publication and a digital tool integrating a complete spatialization of sources.